Quality Asphalt and Chipseal Services

Does the pavement surface on your property need a bit of help? Some are not leveled and others are worn down. These surfaces will need to be treated so that the roads and pavements will be easy to drive on. Consider hiring professionals such as Wells Asphalt Paving that offers chipseal and asphalt services. We provide these surface treatment services to our clients in the Rogers, AR area.

When to Choose Chipseal Over Asphalt Paving

Although asphalt paving is the more commonly used method, chipseal will come in handy as well depending on the situation. If the pavement doesn’t experience heavy traffic like streets in busy cities, you can use chipseals instead of asphalt paving. Although it may not fare well in these streets, parking lots and streets in rural areas would be great places to apply this type of surface treatment. Regardless of what you choose, pavements will need to be treated and sealed every few years to prevent major damage. If you want chipseal treatment, consider hiring professionals that offer both chipseal and asphalt services.

Let Us Treat the Pavement!

Our chipseal services will make use of chipseal treatment so that the surface of the pavement will be better protected from foot and wheel traffic. When chipsealing, we will use similar ingredients as asphalt paving but instead of directly applying it, we will spray the solution to the pavement. One the first layer has tried, we will spray it again a second time for extra protection. We will then place small aggregates afterward. Choose our services and the pavement will be even and leveled by the time we are finished with the treatment.

Wells Asphalt Paving provides asphalt services that include using chipseal methods to level the pavement. Need the pavement on your property in Rogers, AR to be treated? Give us a call at (479) 322-4445 today so that we can get started right away!

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